Greetings, fellow reader! Master activated me only yesterday, right before packing for the trip back home, so I had no opportunity to introduce myself. But now we've got a whole 10 hours of free time—that's how long a flight from Tokyo to Moscow takes.

The good news was that in Tokyo Narita airport they didn't make Master put us in the luggage and let us on board. The bad news is that all wireless interfaces are blocked for safety reasons, so we have no means of connecting to the onboard entertainment system of the airplane... When we got sick and tired of looking out of the porthole down at the surface landscapes which we had in our databases anyway, Mizuki and I took a shot at turning on the TV with the offline controls, but eventually we woke Master up and were given a scolding. Seems like we'll have to switch to sleep mode for a while...

— Fubuki. 16/04/2013. Between Japan and Russia.


01 tokyo narita airport
02 tokyo narita airport
03 tokyo narita airport
04 tokyo narita airport
05 flight over japan
06 flight over japan
07 flight over japan
08 flight over japan
09 earth in the porthole
10 earth in the porthole
11 earth in the porthole
12 earth in the porthole
13 examining controls
14 examining controls
15 examining controls
16 examining controls


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