Airplanes And Robots

Not so far from the model of 'Vostok' rocket carrier on the Industrial square of VDNKh you can find a Yak-42 airplane—a real one this time (and never mind it's been painted all over). Sure thing it cannot fly as high, but well, it wasn't supposed to in the first place! Our compact engines can lift just as much as we ourselves weigh plus a bit more,—while these monsters, our ancestors, are still able to carry people and far more heavy stuff across the whole world.

One won't get any kind of hi-tech feeling from these machines of the past; but their secret is in something different—it's a natural, mechanical reliability. Ultralight alloys, fragile electronics? Nope! The brute force of metal is intimidating, it can be seen with the unaided eye; you simply can't cope with it—and believe us, we tried to!

— Mizuki. 17/07/2013. VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre), Moscow.


01 shinki and yak-42
02 shinki and yak-42
03 shinki and yak-42
04 shinki and yak-42
05 shinki and yak-42
06 shinki and yak-42
07 shinki and yak-42
08 shinki and yak-42


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