Riichi Mahjong

Not everyone knows that true 'mahjong' is a game with intricate rules which is close to poker, and not a pyramid of pretty tiles after all. Despite its complexity and depth—or rather, thanks to them—mahjong is still getting fans outside Asia, and the special interest to riichi mahjong at the Day of Japanese games on 7 September at the Japanese House evidences it once again.

— Mizuki. 07/09/2014. Japanese House, Moscow.


01 in tiles
02 red dragons
03 is it riichi
04 wind of the round
05 hand
06 dora indicator
07 dora indicator
08 counting rods
09 counting rods
10 packing tiles
11 packing tiles
12 packing tiles
13 counting rods
14 non-american beauty


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