Projection Cube

The projection cube—a small box produced by Delusion Systems Unlimited (abbreviated as DeSU)—has finally been delivered today. A projection cube is a device that creates virtual reality inside itself, which can be seen from outside but interacts only with robots, by means of 3D projections (let's just call them holograms). The issue of physical interaction with intangible holograms is settled in a fancy way: once the robot is put into the cube, his conscience is unlinked from the physical body (which is made hidden from the viewer) and gets linked to the software of the cube. The cube projects a hologram of the robot's body next to other objects and simultaneously transmits signals which should have been received by a real body in a similar setting to robot's receptors. This makes it possible to show the viewer a realistic scene of e.g. a robot sitting on a couch without using any props or forcing robot's joints to fight gravity.

The advertising tries to persuade us that projection cubes make it possible for the robot to relax in the semi-virtual world he is used to, but just like with hamster balls, it's hard to determine who's getting entertained, the robot himself or his master. Our model—the basic Holo Nano DeSU—can process the space of 6x6x7 inches and is clearly distinguishable by its overly blue and stripy picture. It's a bit cramped for the two of us inside, but still, an opportunity to exist in your own scale makes it worth the price. And if we take the number of preloaded and freely downloadable scenes into account, than it becomes far cheaper than, say, buying miniature furniture.

— Fubuki. 30/06/2013. Moscow.


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