Ostankino Tower

Visiting Ostankino Tower after Tokyo Sky Tree was a must.

Ostankino Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree are separated by at least 45 years, 7 and a half thousand kilometers and 94 meters in height. The Moscow tower is definitely lower, less modern and far more cramped—but you can forgive it all once you remember when it was built.

Moscow from the 337 meters observation deck looks like this: green, industrial and old. Which is partially because of the fact that it's located in a pretty 'soviet' area, and most developing and impressive areas are far in the horizon; the latter include lots of skyscrapers in Moscow City. Still, you can't help but see the ghosts of the soviet era, dominating over the city and making an impression which is quite different from Tokyo's.

Only our photos have been posted here, but should you be interested in the trip and the views from the deck a bit more, you can check our Master's gallery here: Visit to Ostankino Tower.

— Fubuki. 18/07/2013. Ostankino, Moscow.


01 ostankino tv tower
02 ostankino tower and robots
03 ostankino tower and robots
04 ostankino tower and robots
05 ostankino tower and robots
06 ostankino tower and robots
07 moscow views
08 moscow views
09 moscow views
10 moscow city
11 moscow city
12 moscow views
13 moscow views
14 moscow views
15 moscow city
16 moscow city
17 moscow views
18 moscow views


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