Moscow Flower Show

Moscow Flower Show, also known as International Moscow Garden And Flower Festival, fell on the beginning of July—which also means the peak of the heat. On the second day the flowers were already half-heartedly trying to survive, but still looked pretty nice. On the other, not that many flowers actually suffered: "international" is too high-sounding for a couple dozen of garden installations (and well, usually more installations than gardens). Still, that was quite enough to relax in the verdure in the middle of the overheated city!

— Mizuki. 07/07/2014. Moscow, Gorky Park.


01 purple
02 purple
03 purple
04 purple
05 alice in wonderland
06 alice in wonderland
07 alice in wonderland
08 alice in wonderland
09 blue
10 blue
11 blue
12 blue
13 blue
14 russian garden
15 russian garden
16 garden for meditation
17 lilac
18 lilac
19 lilac
20 lilac
21 rafaello
22 sea in the city
23 sea in the city
24 alice in wonderland
25 rafaello
26 sea in the city
27 sea in the city
28 sea in the city
29 the roof garden privacy
30 the roof garden privacy
31 russian bosket garden
32 russian bosket garden
33 laboratory of life
34 laboratory of life
35 laboratory of life
36 laboratory of life
37 laboratory of life
38 laboratory of life
39 vazzon
40 garden for meditation


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