Mini Petersburg

I've always had a soft spot for miniatures, so when I came to be in Leningrad, I couldn't help but visit the bronze 'Mini Saint Petersburg' installation next to Gorkovskaya metro station in Alexander garden. Sure thing, a 1:40 scale is far from ours 1:12, but it's still better than 1:1!

These are the bronze miniatures of Petersburg's landmark one can take a look at (or even a walk for some!) here: Peter and Paul Fortress, Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange, Admiralty building, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Winter Palace, Alexander Column, General Staff Building, Kazan Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ), Engineers' (Saint Michael's) Castle.

So, if you can't get a proper tour around the city but want to say 'Yes!' without lying to those who ask 'Have you seen Petersburg?', this small city can be a smart way to save your time.

— Fubuki. 26/07/2013. Alexander Garden, Saint Petersburg.


01 saint isaac's cathedral
02 saint isaac's cathedral
03 saint isaac's cathedral
04 saint isaac's cathedral
05 saint isaac's cathedral
06 saint isaac's cathedral
07 saint isaac's cathedral
08 saint isaac's cathedral
09 saint isaac's cathedral
10 saint isaac's cathedral
11 saint isaac's cathedral
12 admiralty building
13 general staff building
14 general staff building
15 general staff building
16 general staff building
17 stock exchange building
18 stock exchange building
19 stock exchange building
20 stock exchange building
21 stock exchange building
22 stock exchange building
23 stock exchange building
24 stock exchange building
25 winter palace
26 winter palace
27 winter palace
28 winter palace
29 winter palace
30 winter palace
31 winter palace
32 winter palace
33 rostral column
34 rostral column
35 alexander column
36 alexander column
37 rostral column
38 general staff building
39 kazan cathedral
40 kazan cathedral
41 kazan cathedral
42 kazan cathedral
43 kazan cathedral
44 kazan cathedral


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