A Midsummer Night's Dream. Blue

The summer heat is affecting me as well. Greenery, water, mist... I don't understand where's up and where's down, where's left and where's right. I had better get out of hibernation and run a self-diagnostic test.

— Fubuki. 01/07/2015. Moscow.


01 young acrobat on a ball
02 young acrobat on a ball
03 young acrobat on a ball
04 young acrobat on a ball
05 point of view
06 point of view
07 point of view
08 point of view
09 lady of the lake
10 lady of the lake
11 lady of the lake
12 lady of the lake
13 lady of the lake
14 lady of the lake
15 dead and alive
16 dead and alive


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