Japanese Games

It's baffling how people still use analogue games despite the availability of electronic devices! I can understand games like kendama and yo-yo tsuri—experience like that is difficult to transfer into digital environment (and thus it's impossible to live through it for someone as short as 6 inches since the physics change when scaled down)... But board games like renju and go, riichi and shogi are way more enjoyable when on screen! No hassle placing figures, no errors with counting and no cheating... Is corporal experience that important to men? Incomprehensible!

Further translation pending.

— Tempesta. 23/04/2017. Moscow.


01 shougi
02 shougi
03 shougi
04 shougi
05 renju
06 renju
07 renju
08 renju
09 renju
10 kendama
11 kendama
12 kendama
13 riichi mahjong
14 riichi mahjong
15 riichi mahjong
16 riichi mahjong
17 riichi mahjong
18 yo-yo tsuri
19 yo-yo tsuri
20 yo-yo tsuri
21 chopstick bean grabbing game
22 chopstick bean grabbing game
23 chopstick bean grabbing game
24 chopstick bean grabbing game


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