From Petersburg To Moscow By Sapsan

The high speed Sapsan (lit. peregrin falcon) train is a pride of Russian railways, produced by Germany and on Japanese rails. It loses some 100 in speed to shinkansen's 350 km/h, but is quite dangerous as is for people standing on old narrow platforms which are not adapted to trains like these.

On the other hand, it's tidy and comfortable on the inside, and the trip itself takes a lot less time (about 4 hours for 650 kilometers) and lets you forget about worn-down roads and sleepy truck drivers on the way from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Not that you should expect anything else considering the price, though. Ah, and they also got Wi-Fi! For extra charge.

— Mizuki. 29/07/2013. Saint Petersburg.


01 sapsan
02 sapsan
03 sapsan
04 sapsan
05 sapsan at moscow railway station
06 sapsan at moscow railway station
07 sapsan at moscow railway station
08 sapsan at moscow railway station
09 sapsan at moscow railway station
10 from sapsan window
11 from sapsan window
12 from sapsan window
13 from sapsan window
14 from sapsan window
15 from sapsan window
16 from sapsan window


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