Frogs vs. Robots

Are robots superstitious? 'Not me', I would've said if I hadn't realised that the two 13 in today's date outweighed a single 7. As what else can explain the fact that a hungry frog attacked me from behind during an ordinary Saturday stroll with Master? Certainly you don't consider common frogs as dangerous creatures, but that's entirely different for small anthropomorphic robots. Just imagine what you would've felt if a frog larger than your head had suddenly hopped onto you... Got it? That's what I'm talking about.

I did switch to battle mode later and fought that lousy critter back, but my Saturday mood had been ruined already. Seems like I should leave the environment control system on even at leisure time...

— Fubuki. 13/07/2013. Moscow Region.


1 frog attack
2 frog attack
3 frog attack
4 frog attack
5 frog attack
6 frog attack
7 frog attack


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