Evangelion Canned Bread

Today's request from Master instructs us to make a photo review of yet another 'Gainax Officially Licensed' pastry. 'Canned bread' may sound a bit sinister, but inside the can you actually find a sweet cylindrical bun with streaks of jam which can remain fresh for a long time because of the way it is made and packed. The canned bread with Rei and Asuka, the heroines of 'Evangelion' anime, is baked by a Japanese company Pan Akimoto—the website of which, by the way, creeps out English-speaking visitors with an ominous 'Ever Flesh Bread' slogan.

— Fubuki. 03/05/2013. Moscow.


01 cosplaying rei
02 rei and asuka
03 rei and asuka
04 cosplaying asuka
05 cans of canned bread
06 cans of canned bread
07 cans of canned bread
08 can of canned bread
09 examining the lid
10 unlidding the can
11 unlidding the can
12 can opener of the 21st century
13 opening the can
14 opening the can
15 opening the can
16 opening the canned bread
17 opening the canned bread
18 opening the canned bread
19 canned bread opened
20 admiring the canned bread
21 fooling around


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