In Search Of Busou Shinki

Having decided that I'd be too bored on my own, Master made up his mind to get the second robot which I could consider as a younger sister. Not that we, robots, can suffer that much from being bored (all the more with almost constant access to the Net!), but being physically near to the ones alike does feel better; I suppose that's also a part of the program which makes us more like human beings.

Models of my series are not produced these days, so one has to look for them at shops like MANDARAKE, K-BOOKS and similar ones all around Akihabara—the digital paradise in Tokyo. However, the secondary market tends to hold up prices for popular models of Busou Shinki, so Master informed me that Yda, Ach and Tempesta were beyond our means and we had to look for someone else; he then added several 'wan-wan' after 'someone' and started whistling a weird tune. I should feed it to those 'query by humming' scripts one day as they may tell me whether it had some profound meaning which I am not aware of.

— Mizuki. 15/04/2013. Akihabara, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.


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