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Robot's Diary

Red Square 11/03/2019
red square preview 1red square preview 2
Visiting the main tourist attraction of Russia with a guest from Japan!
Maker Faire 09/09/2018
maker faire preview 1maker faire preview 2
Getting acquainted with robots and touching futuristic inventions at Maker Faire Moscow.
J-Fest 04/08/2018
j-fest preview 1j-fest preview 2
Visiting J-Fest, the summer festival of contemporary Japanese culture!
SUPERFLAT 02/02/2018
Immersing into the SUPERFLAT space of the contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.
Assembling Gourai 16/06/2017
assembling gourai preview 1assembling gourai preview 2
Polytech 27/05/2017
polytech preview 1polytech preview 2
Polytech Festival is a weird blend of superficial popular science attractions for children and high-tech contemporary art with a great depth of meaning.
Japanese Games 23/04/2017
japanese games preview 1japanese games preview 2
It's baffling how people still use analogue games despite the availability of electronic devices! I can understand games like kendama and yo-yo tsuri, but...
Hashtag Louvre 19/11/2016
hashtag louvre preview 1hashtag louvre preview 2
Hashtag Louvre: a curation microproject about the borders of contemporary art...
What's The Color of The Black Sea? 04/11/2016
what's the color of the black sea? preview 1what's the color of the black sea? preview 2
Studying the colors of the Black Sea on this cloudy and windy day.
When Sakura Blooms 01/05/2016
when sakura blooms preview 1when sakura blooms preview 2
It's amazing how contemplating blooming sakura helps one write tanka.
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Blue 01/07/2015
a midsummer night's dream. blue preview 1a midsummer night's dream. blue preview 2
Adventures in an incredible land of lakes and greenery
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Red 01/07/2015
a midsummer night's dream. red preview 1a midsummer night's dream. red preview 2
Going off to uncharted territories in a balloon.
Solar Eclipse 20/03/2015
solar eclipse preview 1solar eclipse preview 2
Around noon, Moscow time, of 20 March 2015, a full solar eclipse started...
Valentine's Day 14/02/2015
valentine's day preview 1valentine's day preview 2
Enjoying delicous chocolate on Saint Valentine's Day!
Big Shelf Anime Figure Expo 2014 01/11/2014
big shelf anime figure expo 2014 preview 1big shelf anime figure expo 2014 preview 2
Photos of 'Big Shelf 2014' anime figure and doll expo.
Riichi Mahjong 07/09/2014
riichi mahjong preview 1riichi mahjong preview 2
Not everyone knows that true 'mahjong' is a game with intricate rules which is close to poker, and not a pyramid of pretty tiles after all...
Moscow Flower Show 07/07/2014
moscow flower show preview 1moscow flower show preview 2
Moscow Flower Show, also known as International Moscow Garden And Flower Festival, fell on the beginning of July—which also means the peak of the heat...
Water, Stone, Wood 27/04/2014
water, stone, wood preview 1water, stone, wood preview 2
And to me, the one thing that is better than heights, is the height that got some waterfalls!..
Hanami 27/04/2014
hanami preview 1hanami preview 2
Japanese garden of the Moscow Botanical Garden is a nice place not only for cosplay, but also for hanami—watching blooming sakura...
Gingerbread House 31/12/2013
gingerbread house preview 1gingerbread house preview 2
Taking a bite from a Christmas gingerbread house with some frosting!
Big Shelf 2013 Anime Figure Expo 12/10/2013
big shelf 2013 anime figure expo preview 1big shelf 2013 anime figure expo preview 2
Photos of 'Big Shelf' anime figure and doll expo.
How To Catch A Dragonfly 07/08/2013
how to catch a dragonfly preview 1how to catch a dragonfly preview 2
A short manual on catching wild dragonflies in the open.
Country Days 03/08/2013
country days preview 1country days preview 2
Going to the countryside for some fresh air and sunbathing.
From Petersburg To Moscow By Sapsan 29/07/2013
from petersburg to moscow by sapsan preview 1from petersburg to moscow by sapsan preview 2
The classical journey from Petersburg to Moscow... by a high speed Sapsan train!
At Aurora 28/07/2013
at aurora preview 1at aurora preview 2
A short visit to the old Aurora cruiser in Saint Petersburg.
On Meteor To Peterhof 27/07/2013
on meteor to peterhof preview 1on meteor to peterhof preview 2
Sailing for the Peterhof Palace on an old Meteor and enjoying the water views of Petersburg.
Mini Petersburg 26/07/2013
mini petersburg preview 1mini petersburg preview 2
Visiting the bronze 'Mini Saint Petersburg' installation next to Gorkovskaya metro station in Alexander garden.
Ostankino Tower 18/07/2013
ostankino tower preview 1ostankino tower preview 2
Ostankino Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree are separated by at least 45 years, 7 and a half thousand kilometers and 94 meters in height...
Airplanes And Robots 17/07/2013
airplanes and robots preview 1airplanes and robots preview 2
Not so far from the model of a rocket carrier on the Industrial square of VDNKh you can find an airplane...
Rockets And Robots 16/07/2013
rockets and robots preview 1rockets and robots preview 2
The point of our today's destination is the past. Of course I'm not talking about moving in time but instead about moving in space...
Frogs vs. Robots 13/07/2013
frogs vs. robots preview 1frogs vs. robots preview 2
What can explain the fact that a hungry frog attacked me from behind during an ordinary Saturday stroll with Master?
Projection Cube 30/06/2013
projection cube preview 1projection cube preview 2
The projection cube—a small box produced by Delusion Systems Unlimited (abbreviated as DeSU)—has finally been delivered today. A projection cube is a device that...
Evangelion Canned Bread 03/05/2013
evangelion canned bread preview 1evangelion canned bread preview 2
Today's request from Master instructs us to make a photo review of yet another 'Gainax Officially Licensed' pastry. 'Canned bread' may sound a bit sinister, but inside the can...
NERV Cookies 02/05/2013
nerv cookies preview 1nerv cookies preview 2
We've received a request from Master to make a photo review of the chocolate cookies from the cookie jar with NERV logo on it.
Tokyo–Moscow 16/04/2013
tokyo–moscow preview 1tokyo–moscow preview 2
The good news was that in Tokyo Narita airport they didn't make Master put us in the luggage and let us on board. The bad news is that all wireless interfaces...
In Search Of Busou Shinki 15/04/2013
in search of busou shinki preview 1in search of busou shinki preview 2
Having decided that I'd be too bored on my own, Master made up his mind to get the second robot which I could consider as a younger sister. Not that we, robots, can suffer that much from being bored...
Tokyo Sky Tree 12/04/2013
tokyo sky tree preview 1tokyo sky tree preview 2
Following the principle which runs as 'better to see something once than read a Wikipedia article a hundred times', Master decided to take me to the height of 451.2 meters to look at the view of Tokyo. By the way, 'to take me' was Master's wording...
First Birthday 10/04/2013
first birthday preview 1first birthday preview 2
Today is my birthday, if we're speaking in human terms. A human would say that it's my first birthday, but to be precise...